My life is far better in my dreams

It is a very interesting observation that whenever we are thinking we go beyond the sky and the physical limits on us. But when it comes to writing we go blank. Not even a single thought from those millions come to the mind when we have a pen in hand and paper to write on. We all might have encountered this situation a day or the other.

Imagination is a very powerful and incredible gift to the mankind. The progress of human breed lies on the very foundation of its ability to think, visualize and imagine things which he converts into reality with great commitment and determination.

As I have earlier mentioned that there are so many thoughts in our mind that we cannot distinguish which should we pay concern and which should we leave for future but we gave our complete attempt to the which are in our mind for the mischief and or some other activity which gives us entertainment and short-lived laugh.

Genuine thoughts are discarded very prominently by the human mind. All thanks to the nature of human-being. He does not believes in his thoughts most of the time. So the mind is trained to ignore such amazing thoughts even if they arise in it.

The world is a beautiful place to live in our dreams and imagination. Whatever we wish to alter we can change by merely thinking. We can own anything, rule whatever we want, win everything and never loose. We can fly without wings. Run so fast, no one to stop but yourself.

The fact is that we are even afraid of thinking big. The reason behind can be clearly concluded in one simple line:


"Big dreams without passion end up in frustration."


-Ajay Poonia


Ajay Poonia 2016-06-10

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